Monday, October 17, 2016

My Choice Mini Adventures Launch!

Tobbians: The Key in the Bottle by [Schroeder, Michael]

I am excited to announce the launch of a project I have been working on in conjunction with Kiiai.

My Choice Mini Adventures is a series of interactive stories, in which the reader makes decision for the characters as the story progresses.  As you read, you come to a cross-roads, a decision, a choice, and then follow the path that your decision takes you down!

It has been a lot of fun to collaborate on this project.  It seemed simple enough at the beginning, though I'll confess it is a lot of work (even for an overactive imagination!) to plot all the different possible paths that make up this adventure!  It has also given rise to some interesting thoughts about the play between the character's choice and the author's designs...(perhaps I'll write more about that later).

I would love for any and all who read this blog to visit the Amazon store and purchase one or both of the books and write a review about it!  The completion and publication of the e-book is only half the we enter the dreaded marketing stage (which I don't know too much about, in all transparency) and it would be much appreciated if you would like the Facebook page, and like and repost updates and announcements!  (And, as I mentioned, purchasing and reviewing on Amazon is even better!)  Our official launch date is Cyber Monday, and up through that we will be running a free giveaway promotional deal, so if you're cheap like me and would like to save your money, that is another way to get your hands on it.

So far, there are two books in this series, one by me, as you can see in the graphic above, and the other by Azakalia Sant.  The books are unrelated except in format and style as a "My Choice Mini Adventure".  Warble's Beginnings is a sci-fi fantasy story in the style of Star Wars or Star Trek and Tobbians: The Key in the Bottle is a fantasy book, in the character of The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings, meaning that my story includes things like knights, dragons, cave trolls, dwarves, delves, and the ever-mysterious Whisps.

As you may know if you have read many of the posts on my blog or attended any of my Bible studies or classes, this sort of writing and story may seem like a strange departure for me.  I will be transparent in that, while I write from a Biblical worldview, and make allusions to Scriptural concepts and ideologies, these stories do not contain overt preaching or presentations of the gospel, and there may be those who wonder why I would write such a thing if I do not intend to reach people with the gospel through it.

It's a good question, and I would like to answer it by publishing a research paper I did while at college on the power of story.  Since it is lengthy, I will publish it in segments on my blog over the next few days.

But to answer in brief here, I believe that all we do should be for the glory of God.  When I build fences, I may not be presenting the gospel verbally to every customer I interact with, but I intend to live my life in such a way as to point to God and the work Jesus has done in me through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.  Sometimes this leads to an overt, verbal presentation, and sometimes it doesn't, but everything in my life is done with that intent in mind.   I believe our art should be reflective of that concept as well.  This project is an experimental, fun project that a group of us is attempting.  It is both a creative and business endeavor.  Some may simply enjoy the story for what it is.  Others may have a door opened in their heart to see something deeper and yearn for something more.  That is what I pray will happen.  Either way, I intend to point people in whatever small way I can to the power and glory of our Creator.  I love stories and my next several posts will give systematic reasons for why.

In the meantime, check out My Choice Mini Adventures on Amazon and let us know what you think!  Thanks for reading!

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