Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FREE Audio Drama!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have decided to release for your listening pleasure...drumroll please...a FREE audio drama!

A few years ago some friends and I decided to produce a short pilot radio drama for a local radio station with the intent of turning it into a series if the drama was accepted.  Pulling from local acting talent, and writing and sound design talent nation-wide, we produced a three episode pilot story.  Unfortunately, I never got around to actually submitting it to any radio stations, and so, the project sat untouched and unlistened to for the last several years.

However, as I was thinking about it the other day, I reflected that it would be a shame for all our effort to go to waste just sitting there on my computer, waiting for it to crash.  So I have published these three episodes onto Soundcloud to be freely available for any who wish to hear it!

You can access these gems here: Free Audio Drama!

Here is the description of these episodes as I've posted on SoundCloud...

Three children find a mysterious spyglass and a book and are instantly transported to another world and thrown into an adventure involving an evil lord, a lost king, a spunky princess and tax-evading pirates.
A few years ago, a group of creative-minded people decided to get together and create a short audio drama. We decided to do a series of three pilot episodes with opportunity for further adventures to develop. Up till now, it has not been introduced, but I have decided to make it available for free here on SoundCloud! Enjoy this free entertainment!
Hopefully this brings a little joy and entertainment to ya this holiday season!

(A special thanks to those who helped put these together...our actors: Gary Kiwimagi, Carrie Kiwimagi and Alisa Hickox, our writers: LaJoie Lex and Laura Beth King, our music composer: Jonathan Zuniga and our sound designers: Giovanna B-Cabrera and Cody Campbell!  I also helped with all these aspects, and anything smacking of lousy quality is entirely my fault!)